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Parts Department

We are here to help you find anything you need!

We know some of the older vintage trailers are still out there living strong but sometimes you need parts and they are just down right hard to find, welll, you've come to the right place luckily we tend to keep almost everything and that means for you theres a good chance we might have something no one else does anymore!


We have a large range of suppliers and have built strong relationships with them over our 45 years here. So if you need it we'll do whats nesscary to get it for you!


Any thing you may need please just give us a call or email us and we'll do our best to help you immediately! Here is the number! 610-942-3034 ask for the parts department! You can fill in the form below if you prefer email contact.


It's always best when calling for RV parts to have the following information :


-Model #

-Serial #

-Product # (This does not always apply)

- And or any other numbers or information you might see listed.


It's always best when calling for Mobile Home Parts to have this info ready:




-Rough opening measurments for doors and windows

-gals for water heaters and how many volts if electric




We sell a number of items from large appliances, doors, windows, air conditioners, furnaces, down to more minor parts such as door latches and button snaps for canvas etc. We also sell some Accessories such as step rugs, tire covers with your favorite sports team logo, folding tables and chairs, thermocells to keep the bugs away. If you think you need it for camping theres a good chance we either have it or can get it!

Please fill in the form below and list as much information about the part you need as possible to help us do some searching prior to our first contact. If you do not hear back from this form for any reason within 24 hours during regular business days, please give us a call at 610-942-3034.

Thank you for your inquiry and we will get back to you shortly!


Your details were sent successfully!

Parts Department Hours

Tuesday - Friday             9:00-5:00

        Saturday                  9:00-2:00

  Sunday - Monday          CLOSED

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